We do cherish those moments!: Lots of old comics, going at the rate of – hold your breath – Rs. Newer Post Older Post Home. And thank you for all the effort. During that period,in the pre e-Indrajal era,I was quite frustrated for not getting many Ijcs and tried my hands at CS,but due to the lesser versed in that area a Bhulbhuliya sort of place indeed with so many lanes and sub-lanes ,I failed to get a single Indrajal.

indrajal comics in bengali

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Jakhon kar samy eai comics gulo pblish hoyeche Great American comic book artist Al Williamson has died.

Bangla E-books Free Download: Bengali Indrajal Comics

I was only in class three and one day I saw some boys force to move out. Hoping that he will make a come back soon to fight the villains of the present day. Reminded me of time when I used to find bundles of Indrajals here till about a few years back. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 2: After few days I discovered few more sellers and since then there was no looking back till Debdatta Pati 28 March at Started recollecting them again a few years back.


Its a fascinating topic that you have bought up regarding the prices of Indrajals having reached a saturation point.

indrajal comics in bengali

Khub bhalo theko aar parle aro upload koro please. Do you still get to find them there? Diana asked is it broken by storm but phantom replied the basket was not broken it is chopped.

Bengali Indrajal Comics

With the concept of Comic-Con having dawned on India recently,the emergence of a comic grading body in our country may not be far away. Yes,u guessed it right! Send new book request and give your suggestion.

I took a 2nd route to reach the CS,met a lone seller on my way on the foot-path with hardly total books who ‘told’ me that Ijcs are quite available in that area,even showed me few and assured me that he can arrange many!

In those years all fans,like you and me,had to put much more effort than the latter fans,but no complain! Loved the Butler,Desmond and the new villains who came with every issue. Unknown 15 October at How is the comic scene in Kolkata now?

indrajal comics in bengali

As far as Indrajal goes,I think Benvali have around odd comics. Anonymous 28 November at Maybe we should have an authority for comic grading and for publishing comic book price guides in our country like in the US so that the prices are regulated to an extent. Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 3: Rip Kirby-Have always been fascinated by detective stories and it was no surprise that I got hooked on to the adventures of Rip kirby.


These comics reminds me of my childhood days.

Great Narration, I like the way the legendary origins of the phantom is emphasized with the words,’For those who came in late’ and how the story later cuts back to the present phantom.

Shamik Bhattacharya 3 December at Thank u once again Amit Ghosh.


A lot of the comics were in parts, i. Kit told his son 1st phantom about this mountain but 1st Phantom never found it. I guess it’s plenty! For downloading problem please contact me. That time it was the most attractive thing for me.